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Dedicated Dome Roof Sliding Systems for Steel Haulers
  • 48ft system w/ BH & Nose Cone weighs only …………1400 LBS
  • Add 2" Lightbar with Mirror Stainless Steel & 24 lights / side 140 LBS
  • Brochure (8 page) Slidekit Brochure (2 page)

    A "SIDE KIT" on wheels designed for the Steel Hauling Industry.

    - Aerodynamic - Fuel Efficient - Economical

    Click Here to Read Slidekit Testimonial (off side)

    Confirmed Driver's Report.... "Load Covering's Slide Kit Cuts through the Wind as if the trailer is non-existent!"

  • Reduced Wind Drag.
  • Increased Driver Safety.
  • Reduce Fuel Cost.
  • March 2013 Bulletin: AREA Logistics Management confirms, Load Covering Solutions 96" High SLIDE KITS are producing 1/4 MPG better fuel economy than their 72" High Flat Top Systems supplied from another system manufacturer.

    Load Covering Solutions was Honored to be invited to the PI&I 65th Gala Anniversary Celebration in Oct 2016 in Ohio, and equally honored to participate in the custom design of two very important PI&I Corporate messages displayed on the side of two LCS Rolling Trailer Covers……..Thank you Joe Kerola & Co., and many more years of success. Brian W. Petelka, LCS

    Click Here to See More of the PI&I 65th Gala Celebration!

    Sliding Tarp Steel Hauling Truck Bodies

    Protected by Patents & Patents Pending

    Slide Kit USA Brochure (.pdf) Slide Kit Canada Brochure (.pdf)

    SLIDE KIT Frame System:
  • Full Modular Alum. Extrusion
  • 2 pcs. Arch Interior Corner Casting
  • Quick & Easy Tarp Replacement
  • 24" Arched Rise Roof
  • Ship Modular Parts at Low Cost
  • Less Than 5% Welding
  • SLIDE KIT Up-Lift System:
  • Free Standing Supported Arms
  • Patented Dble Hinge Connected
  • Reduced Tarp Corner Wear
  • Applying Center Vertical Tension
  • Eliminating Velcro Tarp Pockets
  • SLIDE KIT Modular Tarpaulin:
  • Quick & Easy Replacement
  • Economical Advertising
  • Perfectly Tensioned
  • Independent Body Components
  • Rear Tensioning:
  • Perfectly Tensions Tarpaulin
  • Only (3) Main Components
  • Fully Automatic
  • Quick & Easy Operators Handle
  • Retro-Fit Kits Available
  • SLIDE KIT Track Redesign:
  • Lower Profile Design
  • Slide-In Stainless Steel Insert
  • Internal Weather Seal
  • Slide-In Undermount Light Bar
  • Wiring Harness Protection Seal
  • Max 28 Life-Time Wheels (48’ Sys)
  • Aerodynamic Sharks Nose Cone:
  • Mounts above any DOT 10" or 22" Return Bulkhead
  • Reduces Wind Drag
  • Saves on Fuel
  • Strong enough to use for interior light-duty storage
  • Customized Light Bar:
  • Transfer trailer lights to under mount light bar
  • Available in Mirror Stainless Steel
  • Install Optional Conspicuity Reflect tape

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  • Rear Enclosure:
  • Typical Post & Panel Rear with Tarp Flap
  • Easy access to the rear of the trailer
  • Optional Roll up rear flaps available.

    Patent Pending Crank Up Flap

  • Optional: Bulkhead Man Door
  • Allows easy access for driver to check load securement
  • Allows MTO /DOT easy access
  • Allows easy access to unlocking optional front ratchet locks
  • Protected by Patents & Patents Pending

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